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Please watch this video to see Dr. Hochman and his vision for THTF and its children

Their Stories

We are at an exciting time in medical history when our knowledge, technological advances and clinical experience have come together to effect changes in the management of these birthmarks.

The emotional and physical consequences suffered by families and patients, some of whom have waited decades for their lesions to "go away", are no longer necessary. 

Recent Successes
Jing Ni and Dr. Hochman

5th Annual Medical Educational Symposium

Dr. Marcelo Hochman, The Hemangioma Treatment Foundation (THTF), and The Hemangioma and Malformations Treatment Center will host his fifth annual free medical symposium on hemangioma, vascular malformations and related syndromes on May 31, 2014. He is bringing together nationally renowned invited physicians to present a medical seminar on the current approaches in the care and management of vascular anomalies. The experts are from Baylor Hospital in Houston, Boston Childrens’ Hospital, Cincinnati Childrens’ Hospital and The Medical University of SC. This will be a great opportunity for front line physicians to gain information they can use on a daily basis in their practices.

The event is targeted to pediatricians, family practice doctors and dermatologists. The goal is to bring up-to-date knowledge and experience with case histories to physicians who treat these children who can suffer serious psychological issues and bring considerable anguish to the parents.


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